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Although I do spend the overwhelming majority of my time at the Grand Teton National Park for portrait sessions, there are occasions on which I wander out of the Tetons and test out new patches of land. I have to say, I’m really glad that I headed down to Idaho Falls for my family session with the Wittes because even I was taken aback by the charming rustic beauty of the place! What a magical scene for a family portrait session.

I met with Benjamin, Deja, and their tiny daughter Eleanor at the Wild Adventure Corn Maze in Idaho Falls and it was a session chock-full of sunflowers and happiness! The Wittes were such a pleasant family to meet with and Eleanor was in that stage of being a child where she’s still that small and cute baby you just want to play with all day long! It was a pretty refreshing change of scenery and the hour passed by so quickly!

Although there were so many great photographs from this session, I have to say that my absolute favorite one is the one in which the Wittes are sitting on a bench while Eleanor is standing and being supported by Benjamin. For one, it’s absolutely heartwarming that Eleanor is looking directly into the camera while both her parents can’t take their eyes off of her. Secondly, Benjamin’s hand on Eleanor’s back just reminded me of my own parents and how they have supported me through so much, starting from literally physical support. I was even a bit misty-eyed by the end of it.

Capturing a Family Portrait Session in Grand Teton National Park

To schedule a cute photoshoot with your loved ones among the beauty of nature, you can simply contact me and head down to the Tetons. There’s a good chance you’ll get memories and photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and the best part is, you can even get them printed out for the house!



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