Adventure Family Portrait Session | The Anderson Family

August 27, 2021

Mix adventure, the beautiful outdoors, and a stunning family and you have the perfect recipe for a great photoshoot! When the Andersons headed down to the breathtaking Teton National Park, it was in search of an outdoor adventure that they could look back on and remember forever, and this family session set in the mountains was the perfect way to do so.

I really loved working with the Andersons because they were such a fun family! The kids kept running around and exploring, which must have been so refreshing for them coming from an urban setting. The mom, Nicole, was just happy to be out in the open and breathing in some nature. All in all, everyone was all smiles and it was such an enjoyable time.

My favorite photo from this session is undoubtedly a black-and-white shot of the Andersons walking through the trees heading up to Jackson Overlook with their backs toward the camera because it really does look like they’re setting off on their next big adventure. It makes me so happy to think that the Andersons got to reconnect with nature because, let’s be honest, we all need that from time to time. It was so heartwarming to see the kids gasp in wonder at every sunflower, throw stones into Jackson Lake, and just be themselves as I snapped away.

Your Next Big Adventure

Looking for a break from your regular old urban routine? Head down to Jackson Hole and check out the beautiful Grand Teton National Park. While you’re at it, hire a photographer to take some pictures of you that you will always hold close to your heart! You can even get them printed out to hang around your house. Contact me now and start planning your next big adventure!

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