family portrait by mountain in Grand Tetons

Teton Extended Family | The Krupoff Family

Extended family sessions are the most interesting ones to capture. I enjoy meeting large families consisting of several generations because it’s always a pleasure to meet such a diverse group of people from one family. That is why I really loved my session with the Krupoff extended family at the Teton National Park, which included the grandparents and members as small as 3 years old!

The very first thing that I noticed about the Krupoff extended family was how well-dressed they were, each one dressed smartly and displaying a bright pop of color. Their clothes, even down to the colors, really complemented one another and it spoke volumes about the harmony between the family. It’s rare to meet an extended family so well integrated and comfortable with one other.

What I was really awed to learn about the Krupoff extended family was that they had come down to the Tetons to spend time with one another and simply reconnect. You don’t really see much of that when people start their own families, but you could tell that every single member of this household really cared about one another. The kids were running around, laughing and screaming, and everyone was just having the best time. That is why I love the group photograph of the entire family because it shows each member in their respective household but also as part of something bigger.

Reconnecting in the Teton National Park

If you’re interested in spending some time to reconnect with your loved ones, head on down to the Tetons and get some photos snapped of you to keep and cherish forever. You can even get these printed out, so you always have a physical reminder of the times. Shoot me an email and let’s get you on the road to love and laughter!



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