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Palisades Family Session | Lieber Family

March 17, 2021

In my humble opinion, there is never a wrong time to take family pictures. But as the Lieber family showed me, there are times that pictures are absolutely-must-do-NOW!! Let me explain, Jami explained that this session would serve to capture not only their recent move to the area but also their family while their girls were still home. As the girls are rapidly growing up and leaving home, this session would be a chance for them to capture this exciting (but fast) season of their lives. This Palisades family session was overflowing with love. I am so grateful to have spent time with the Lieber family.

Many of my clients have a 10-15 minute period at the beginning of the session where you can just tell that they aren’t sure what to do. I get it! Questions like: “Does my face look weird?”, “What should I do with my hands” and general awkwardness is to be expected. The Lieber family, however, was natural and comfortable from the very first click. Their laughter was contagious, their affection unforced, and in what felt like a blink, our time was up!

Palisades Reservoir is the Backyard of Your Dreams

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We live in one of the best places for fantastic photo sessions. A short drive in any direction will land us in some of the more gorgeous spots. This Palisades family session is no different. It’s no secret that I love this location year-round, but who can blame me? The lush greens of summer give way to fiery oranges and yellows of fall. After a short season of brown (looking at you November), we are given the gift of blankets of white, perfect for a wintery session.

Looking for the perfect spot for your next session? Check out my Instagram from some #swoon-worthy inspo!

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