It’s all about you.

When we work together, I want you to feel like my only client, not just a date in my calendar.

You have my full attention 

I’ve got open ears and an open heart
Tell me what you hope for your photography

As a Jackson Hole photographer, I only work with a limited number of clients each week. Doing that keeps my focus solely on you and your experience. This isn't just a photoshoot. It's an opportunity for you to spend time together and then in the final images, to fall even more in love with each other. 

That means I want to help guide you when choosing outfits! That definitely means I want to hear about your kids so we can make sure they feel at ease. And that means you can count on me to help you choose the perfect images and wall art sizes for the unique spaces in your home so you can relive every moment. 

My goal is to do as much as possible for you, from our first consultation until the photos are displayed on your walls. Your time together is precious... I want to preserve these memories for you.

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Kind words

“We absolutely loved our time with Jenna. and our pictures are beyond words. Everyone who sees our canvas says it looks like a painting because it's so beautiful!! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for priceless memories that will last a lifetime!!”

Carmon McTigue, Kentucky

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The Tangible

Preserve these memories

I want you to

Life can become so busy, sometimes feeling like an endless to-do list. But carving out time to simply enjoy each other’s company and experience a new adventure together? You’ll never forget or regret the time you spent focused on each other.

And you’ll never regret taking the extra step to choose thoughtful ways to print these images either. 

My grandparents printed everything. I wasn’t there with them in their old photos, but I feel connected to them in a way I couldn’t without these images. I get to remember their smiles, their warmth, their love.

That’s the power of photography. It connects generations and preserves our stories.

Digital is great, but you deserve something more.
Photography makes your memories tangible.

Here’s to memories you can feel and touch

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